JewelleryShop Inventory Management System (J.I.M.S.)

The market for Gold Jewellery is one of the hugest in all India. Being such a huge market, in this Technological Era, GoldSmiths Jewellery Retailers have a Manual system of Record Keeping, Billing etc.

This system was created to overcome all the faults and entire Manual system of administration in a Jewellery Retail Showroom. It covers a wide range of functions that are precisely required in a jewellery showroom. Some of these are:

1.Party Master (Party’s involved in different transactions.)
2. Item Master (Entire database of types of jewellery available in the retail unit.)
3. Rate Master (Fluctuations of gold rate can be immediately recorded.)
4. Direct Purchases (Purchase of stock against Cash.)
5. Unfixed Purchases (Purchase of stock from the third party against the credit of gold.)
6. The point of Sales (Direct sale to customers against Cash.)
7. Unfixed Sales (Sale of stock to the third party against debit of Gold.)
8. Invoice printing.
9.Reports Generation.

This entire project was created in Visual Basic 6.0 with a back-end on MS Access.