Delivery Date Scheduler

Magento | Magento 2

The Delivery date scheduler extension helps the customers to select their preferred delivery date. From the available dates. The dates get attached to the orders and help in enhancing the user experience. Have made multiple levels of customization such as below:

  1. To show different delivery type (i.e. calendar format or time slot format) based on different shipping methods. When the customer selects a particular shipping method then on that basis the delivery type will be rendered with its custom options such as, how many dates to increase. Restrict days, etc.
  2. To shift no. of days of delivery based on the products added to cart.
  3. To limit delivery date time slot schedule as per the order limit for the particular timeslot. The timeslot gets limited to the orders. Also having multiple order slot type such as standard order and express order.

Thank You to be part of the extension. Credits Appjetty.